About Danny Merritt

Danny Merritt is on a mission to bring real leadership and common-sense conservative policies to Georgia’s 1st District.  He has led on the battlefield, led in the private sector and now wants to continue to serve as your representative to ensure our policies match our Judeo Christian values so we continue to thrive and prosper as a country. Danny Merritt, a resident of Savannah, Georgia is the Co-Founder of Nine Line Apparel.  He helped launch Nine Line Apparel into one of the fastest growing companies in the United States and is also the owner of A Southern Lifestyle Company and Georgia Land & Cattle.  Danny, now a Major in the United States Army Reserves, knew at an early age that he wanted to serve his country and enlisted at the age of eighteen. He spent his first three years serving in the United States Army in Kaiserslautern, Germany.  He was accepted into the ROTC Early Commissioning Program at Valley Forge Military College and commissioned in 2005.  Upon completion of schooling, he went back on active duty reporting to the 10th Mountain Division and served as a Platoon Leader in Iraq in 2008, earning a Bronze Star. 


After completing the Captains Career Course and finishing up his Master's Degree in Business and Organizational Security Management, he was assigned to the 1st Calvary Division in Fort Hood, Texas and deployed again to Afghanistan. Danny left active duty in 2013 and began building Nine Line Apparel from a small house to now a nationally recognized brand with almost 200 employees. 


Danny’s next mission is to become Georgia’s next Congressman representing our beloved Golden Isles and Georgia’s 1st District.  He believes that we need more Veteran’s continuing to serve this great country, representing the country, county, and districts we all love and call home.  As a proven leader in Combat, and in business we are certain he will get the job done and proudly represent Georgia's 1st district.

In 2016, Danny was honored to be nominated and win the title of The South’s Greatest Boss.  This was an extreme highlight in his professional life and a testimony to his leadership skills.  Danny knows how to build great teams. He knows how to lead by example and takes an honest interest in every one of his employees. Treating employees and customers like family has been his secret to success over the years.


Danny is married with four children.  If asked about all of his accomplishments and what he is most proud of, his true pride is being a dad.  Honored to serve on the battlefield and honored by the opportunity to serve as your elected official. Danny is a family man, a businessman, a leader, a decorated Army Officer and when it comes down to it, the leader we need for Georgia.

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