Where Danny Stands

National Security

As an army officer and combat veteran of both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, I understand the importance of national security and how high the stakes are in the current world we live in . We need to take an aggressive approach to national security in order to make sure we never have a repeat of the events that took place on September 11 2001. We must continue to take the fight to are enemies and give our service members everything they need in order to stomp out Radical Islamic Terrorism across the globe.    


I believe in Peace Through Strength.  I fully support our President and his initiative to continue to build up our armed forces to the point we are so mighty and so fierce that no country would ever have the stomach to test our capabilities. 

The Second Amendment 

I will always be the greatest supporter and advocate for our second amendment rights.  The left continues to try to pass laws that do nothing to increase public safety, but instead take away the constitutional rights we enjoy as American citizens. We must do a better job of enforcing current laws,especially background checks, so that guns stay out of the wrong hands. I will never allow the government to prevent law-abiding citizens from defending themselves, nor would I allow the government to determine what firearm is or is not appropriate for the American Citizen.

Border Security 

Border security is national security and should be the number one issue on the minds of every lawmaker. It is time we enforce our laws. We need to build the wall, leverage technology to determine weak points, and increase manpower along the border. My background as an army officer makes me especially well suited to the understanding of policy and what is necessary to defend our borders. We put a man on the moon and therefore we can surely defend our southern border quickly and effectively. 

As a Congressman and lawmaker I am going to work to curb the loopholes in the current immigration system. Asylum laws need to be reworked. We are the greatest give back nation in the history of human kind and currently our kindness is being taken for weakness. 


We need LEGAL immigration in this country and legal immigrants need to be welcomed with open arms. Lastly I believe that sanctuary cities should be totally and completely outlawed and defunded... end of story. 

Religious Liberty

The original settlers in what would become the United States came here fleeing religious persecution. They were principled individuals who sought to worship freely and openly without having the government threaten their freedom. Citizens of the United States must be protected from any action that would deny an individual their freedom of religion. This includes abstaining from practices that goes against one's religion."We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness..."

Federalism & The 10th Amendment

Federalism is very close to my heart. The 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees state’s rights and it should be consistently reaffirmed at the Federal Level. The centralized power of Washington needs to be relinquished to the states and their local communities. A one size fits all policy that works well on paper in Washington will not be effective for all cities within the nation, the State of Georgia, or the First Congressional District. Federal Overreach, which has been happening at a growing and startling rate causes the degradation of our states rights and local rights. Policy is best handled at the local level where the needs of the society are best understood. 

Georgia Education System

Our education system is failing our students and parents across the nation. The Federal Department of Education has added numerous amounts of bureaucratic red tape that is not allowing our students to succeed in the classroom. A student’s success should not be determined by their zip-code. Parents should be allowed to choose whether or not their child attends a traditional Public charter school, private school, virtual school, or even homeschool and this is essential to ensuring America’s preeminence as an education powerhouse. We need to also support our teachers by encouraging policies that support them in the classroom. Studies have shown that the determining factor of a good education is whether or not the student have had good teachers… not new iPads or football stadiums, but excellent teachers. In order to have good teachers we need to be able to pay them competitive wages. This is not only an investment in our education system but an investment in America’s next generation — an investment in America’s future workforce.


College is becoming too expensive for working class families, and they often are not giving students the skills they need to succeed. Government subsidies have caused education costs to constantly rise, and it is only getting more expensive. We must place a cap on the amount of funding the Federal Government gives to schools in order to encourage a competitive market. Another alternative would be disbursing Federal Education funds directly to the states therefore creating more local control. A 4-year degree is the right choice for some people, but it should not be the only choice available. There are other opportunities. We need to encourage vocational training and apprenticeship programs that give workers the skills that industries actually need.

Freedom of Speech

As time has progressed, our country has moved closer to rendering the First Amendment Defunct. The creation os safe spaces and the silencing of individuals due to difference of opinion has called the idea of Freedom of Speech into question. This occurs at the College of Coastal Georgia, Georgia Southern, and throughout the nation. It is time that we realize that Freedom of Speech is an inalienable right and no college, business, or entity can ever rob a citizen of that inherent freedom. 


We need to encourage and inspire young conservatives to stand up and speak out against their oppressors, "its time for the silent majority to stand up and be heard."


There is no question that Obamacare was an utter and complete disaster. While guaranteeing insurance for preexisting conditions it completely demolished the healthcare industry to the point of utter destruction. We must repeal and replace Obamacare at all costs. We need to replace it with a law that forces insurance companies to put patients first. This can be accomplished through common sense legislation that allows for the buying of health insurance over state lines and expands health savings accounts. Doing the above would allow for increased competition in the market and therefore the prices of healthcare would greatly decrease. 


I have have experienced first hand the idea of socialized medicine having continued to serve in the military for upwards of seventeen years. No one is held accountable and the absence of competition and subsequently a devaluation in the quality of repair causes prices to skyrocket. States need to have the flexibility to experiment and find a solution to this issue at all costs. I assure you that nothing that works for Washington will work for the State of Georgia. They need to be able to deliver the most cost effective and highest quality of care possible and this can only be delivered if federal power is relinquished to the state. 


Its time that we all realize that the insurance market needs to be looked at differently. When insurance companies are forced to cover routine visits the cost of these visits begin to naturally rise. Its simple economics. The employer based health insurance does nothing but lower wages and hide the actual cost of health insurance. Healthcare then becomes a bottomless pit of expenditures and the taxpayer must foot the bill. 


Medicaid continues to be utilized but the improvement in care is not present. Medicaid should be used to act as a temporary buffer to help those who are in true financial need. In order to receive this care they must be actively seeking job opportunities. We cannot let medicaid be used as a permanent entitlement. In ten years or more entitlements are going to be the number one cost in the United States budget. Creating a pathway to jobs while on medicaid can help lower the bill that taxpayers have to pay while at the same time offering a pathway to a job where medicaid is no longer needed due to the financial opportunities. 


Another major concern is the fact that Congress has failed to tackle the ludicrous drug prices and confront the pharmaceutical lobby. We must change hospital incentives and increase pharmaceutical regulations in order to ensure that drug prices are being determined in a fair and open manner with the patient being the center concern. There needs to be increased transparency on research and development costs while at the same time ordering the FDA to assess the effectiveness of new drugs when compared to the existing market slo that consumers aren’t tricked into a more expensive treatment plan. Medicare and Medicaid officials need to be able to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies on drug costs so that free market pressures can drive down the prices of drugs. 


I strongly stand with organizations that research and develop more forms of treatment such as telemedicine or cognitive behavioral therapy treatments for individuals struggling with mental illness or any illness in general. For instance studies have shown that service dogs can aid individuals who are struggling with mental disabilities but this type of innovation is covered by current insurance plans. This should change. Patients come first and the profit margins of insurance companies and Big Pharma last not the other way around.

Fixing the VA

With over seventeen years in the armed forces, I have seen the harrowing effects the VA has had on our veterans. At its current status it is not offering the standard of care that is adequate for our Veterans. Our veterans are hurting, with suicide rates at around 20 per day we are not doing our part in congress to tackle this issue at all. Furthermore, excessive benefits for veterans that do not need them are costing the taxpayers billions while crowding out veterans who truly do need the care. We have to fix this.

I promise that if and when I am elected to Congress, I will build a coalition to solve issues that are hurting our beloved service members.  We need to allow for the privatizing and outsourcing of VA services so that Veterans have a right to choose who their healthcare provider is and what opportunities will offer the best results


The key to fixing the broken VA systems are all solvable. Service members need to  are efficient members to be seen and treated at the local level and if they cannot be seen or treated at the local level a voucher program should be implemented to get the soldier immediate care at the local level. We also need to think -outside of the box in order to tackle soldier suicide. We can do this again by getting soldiers inpatient treatment for both mental health and substance abuse which are the leading causes of soldiers taking their own lives. We need to provide the service members who risk everything for us the best care available in the United States. 


Agriculture has been the bedrock of the Georgian Economy since it was first founded in 1732. Farming is not an easy life, it requires true grit, dedication and experience. Currently our Farmers have not been represented in Congress. Georgia has had repeated Natural Disasters, such as Hurricanes, Tornados, droughts, and even infestations that have really damaged our farmers ability to produce. As your next congressman I will establish an Agriculture Council of Farmers from around the First District to be advised on major issues confronting farmers and ensure that speedy and ample aid is available to them at a moments notice. 

Conservation and Wildlife

As an avid outdoorsman and someone who spends a lot of time in the woods, I can assure all of the 1st District that our natural resources will be cherished and protected.  Georgia has been blessed with abundant wildlife and natural resources that have been fueling our economy for generations. I love to hunt and fish and believe that we need to get our kids outdoors as much as possible. We need to protect our natural resources and ensure that overhunting and poaching never threaten the ecosystem that we call our home. I will promote and endorse any and all measures that protect our natural resources and make it better than it is currently for our next generation. 

Supporting Israel

The American-Israeli relationship involves a deep bond of inherent values that we share. I stand in support of President Trump in moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem which it ought to by law be situated. Israel is our strongest ally in the Middle East and we must remain chained at the hip in order to protect our mutual interests. I stand with Israel and will do whatever it takes to ensure that our bond remains strong. 

The Middle East

I stand with President Trump and his decision to back out of the terribly negotiated Iran Nuclear Deal and his increase of economic sanctions against a regime that sponsors acts of terrorism. The Middle East has become more treacherous throughout the years and we must stand with our ally, Israel in ensuring peace and stability throughout the region. We cannot allow entities such as ISIS, Hezbollah, or Al-Queda to gain a foothold in any nation of the middle east and engage in acts of Terrorism. We are the worlds foremost super power and we should not stand idly by as peoples rights and personal liberties are tarnished by Radical Islamic Terrorism. 

Flood Policy

The first district has been especially resilient during the hurricanes of the past. We need to ensure that a strong support network is available for all citizens within the first district. We need to ensure that FEMA offers cost effective and pinpoint support to the golden isles and the Georgia interior. Farms and tourism, which are the backbone of the Georgia economy need to also have a support network that is easily accessible. 

Term Limits

I am a firm believer that term limits should be in place for members of Congress. There is only one motivator for career politicians and that is reelection. It is time that a Constitutional Amendment be passed to prevent career politicians from making a living off a career in politics --- forgetting about the people that elected them in the first place. Both Senators and Congressmen should be limited to twelve years in service. That would be six terms for a Congressman and two terms for Senators. This helps drain the swamp and allow for the people to come before politics